Nursing Essentials App Reviews

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Excellent improvement!

Excellent improvement & easy to browse in menu! Worth the 10$ but only wished it could have been a free update concidering that I had already bought the previous version.

Ok for new nurses, product line needs better descriptions

Some feedback for the developers: 1) since there are multiple versions of each product, an explicit statement would be helpful (I.e. "this is the original PDF version", "this is the updated version, based on the PDF version", "this is the free upgrade for PDF version owners to get the interactive version". 2) it would have been helpful for a clarification that the critical care, etc packs are not add-ons to the RN Guide, but rather standalone products. Im a CCRN who now has the basic version, I kinda already know how to give an IM (lol, my bad for buying before asking!). 3) the info is pretty comprehensive for the novice RN though, and its nicely laid out and accessible!

Not impressed

Not worth the money!! Could be good for a nursing student (thats what the one star was for). This is basic for an RN.


Hi, Im a second year nursing student and I find this app quite useful. Especially when I need to get access to quick bits of information, to all nursing students out there you should get this app is worth the investment

very nice apps

very nice apps was very useful as student maybe work on some translation and also more details and more rx or make a real complete compandium rx with adverse effect and link to the common system or like the primary pathology but also have translation in french im from quebec and its french here and no good french apps for that !!!

RN essential

Its great I use it all the time !!!!


This is just a preliminary review as I have only skimmed through the info. Seems there is some good info yet feel its not in depth enough. I guess I will see if I use it much this year (2nd yr nursing) downloaded it Bcs of all the good reviews yet so far not that impressed considering there r free med apps w way more info

Good for students

Not a bad app but I would have liked a few more topics and not so much of the basics


Very helpful use it at work as a refresher!

Needs work

The only thing I like about this app is the calculator feature for pedi drips please add an adult version and maybe more complex info

Awful app

I paid $5.99 for this app and want a refund. It is only basic information no treatment options no medication information and not a full list of diagnosis


Waste of money!

Love this App!!! 2 THUMBS UP!!!

This App is very helpful for me!!!! Whenever I need to study... I have right in my phone!!!!


Good for general use, and to refresh subjects.

Waste of money

I specifically chose this app because Im in OB/peds right now. Heads up: there is no (or very limited) OB/peds nursing care info. The content is beyond basic and the layout is not intuitive. I regret this purchase.

Excellent tool for nursing students

I love it i got everything there and its well explained Ive seen something like this before in a book and is worth $35

Love it

Worth the $

Good app

Nice to have.

Its okay.

Useful, but more info than just basic assessment stuff. Med info would be nice


Great resource!! Im in nursing school and plan on using this reference often.

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